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Unlimited Social Proof, In One Place

Get Featured On

FOX, NBC , CBS Today

and 200+ news sites 100% Guarantee

On average 75% of visitors will leave your website due to lack of credibility. Getting
"As Seen On NBC, FOX, CBS" will boost your conversion rates instantly.

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Get Featured On
With In 7 Days

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How it Works

Your article will be posted on more than 100 reputable news websites in our network, with guaranteed publication to NBC, FOX, CBS, and USA Today affiliates.


You will receive a PDF report of all live URLs to your content as confirmation that it was featured.


Over 10 million people every month frequent some of these websites. This makes publishing on our network a terrific approach to increase brand awareness, build significant customer trust, and generate hundreds of backlinks for your website's search engine optimisation.

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More Sales

Getting More Trust

Lots More Traffic

Profit from our expanding network of news sites that frequently get high Google rankings and see consistent traffic. The authority of your own brand will rise if you are published on these websites.

Why Social Proof Hero? 

Put Social Proof Hero To Work. Invest In Social Proofing Today.


What is the Social Proof Hero Service?

We are certified public relation experts with enviable expertise in professional press release writing and distribution. Our press release services guarantees an attention-grabbing press draft complemented by an outstanding level of media coverage, exposure, and ROI, designed to give you the best value for your hard-earned money.

Our service is second to none and when you work with us you get

  • Press release writing by native English speakers and experienced copywriters

  • Exciting titles and subtitles for your press release 

  • Option to include relevant photos and videos 

  • Option to review the article before press release distribution

  • Professional and speedy delivery

  • Professional distribution (with corporate benefits)

  • A PDF Distribution Report demonstrating hundreds of placements and live links

  • Google News Indexed guaranteed

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Verified On Social

Our articles demonstrate that you and your brand are public personalities of interest who want validation. Many of our clients utilise our articles to gain Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media site verification.

Our Service Is 100% Money Back Guarantee

If we are unable to publish an item for you on at least 200 news websites for whatever reason, you will be entitled to a complete refund. 

We may provide the option to redo the order in this scenario. 

However, you will always have the option of receiving a full refund in this scenario if you wish.

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Getting Started Is As Easy As..

1...... 2 ..... 3 .... Let's Go!

We increase the visibility of your brand by producing and publishing a news article on over 200 news websites. Our creative writers are the best in the business.

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1.Experienced Writer

Our skilled writers create the ideal news article to promote your company.

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2.Going Live Online

Your content will then be published on our network of over 200 news sites by our team.

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3.Check Report

To view all live links, our skilled account manager will email you a personalised thorough report.

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